Count Your Blessings!

So for some reason the momentum has been really picking up on the festival circuit lately, I feel like I’ve been attending something every week. The Lunafest premier in San Francisco was an amazing event to be a part of. I couldn’t have thought of a better audience for my film Blank Canvas. Kim’s message of healing was so well received, and it was even better because it was a charity event that supported the Breast Cancer Fund. Not to mention that Kim attended with her husband and friends, looking beautiful as always. I think it will be a hard one to top.

The following weekend I got to be a part of the local Palo Alto Film Festival, literally right down the street from where I live. It’s so cool that a great festival highlighting technology and innovation is so close by. My film, Between Land and Sea, which I co-produced with Christian Jensen screened as part of the local shorts showcase, and we won our category! We had to write an acceptance speech, go to an award ceremony, and get a trophy. It’s been such an honor to partake in these events lately. I just need to figure out how to balance it with the start of a new school year. Stay tuned though, I have another exciting project coming down the pipeline pretty soon, but I can’t say what it is just yet.



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