The Bulletproof Stockings Premier at DOC NYC

I recently got to head back to New York for the premier of my thesis film, The Bulletproof Stockings, at DOC NYC. I can’t believe that almost exactly one year ago, I was just beginning the process of filming it. I was really excited to get to see Perl and Dalia again. They are so talented and inspiring, and I’m glad the film is introducing them to new audiences.

The Bulletproof Stockings was paired with a feature film called Unorthodox, and we had a sold out screening at the IFC Center. The films ended up meshing really well thematically. Since Unorthodox was also largely based in New York, they had many of their characters present at the screening as well. The films were both well received, and we had a really interesting question and answer session following the screening. I loved seeing how the films provoked discussion and got people interested in a topic they may not have otherwise known a lot about.

All in all, it was a short but successful trip, and I’m optimistic about the festival run ahead for The Bulletproof Stockings.


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